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Day 94. Origami love! #100happydays #origami



staring at paintings in Amsterdam 

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The Clock is Striking Twelve.


Striking Twelve - A Doctor Puppet Welcome to the Twelfth Doctor

marianaeatscake asked: hi! you went to the dw world tour in sydney right? can I ask how early you got there? I'm going to go to the nyc date and I want to know how early I should leave to get a decent spot. thanks!

Hi! Ahh I’m so sorry this is probably too late as I’ve seen that it has already started in NY! In Sydney they actually had assigned seating, and I was ridiculously lucky in the online seat lottery to get seats in the third row. Absolutely no idea how I managed it! I’m guessing the NYC event doesn’t have assigned seating - so you probably had to get there quite early! If it’s happening/already happened I hope you had a BLAST!!! :) xo

Jenna Coleman arrives in New York City for the Doctor Who World Tour, 12.8.14

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Last night I was ridiculously lucky to attend the Doctor Who World Tour event in Sydney. 

I woke up feeling BEYOND excited, and didn’t really manage to do much else but prance around gleefully all morning.

Then at about 3pm I turned on Triple J to hear The Doctor (the radio dj’s name!!) interview Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, and I texted in to say I was excited to be going to the event that night. I got a call back from them to ask if I’d go on air to discuss my love of Doctor Who! 

So I ended up going on air just after Peter and Jenna had been interviewed, and I discussed what Ben and I would be wearing to the event (I went as Rose, he went as Doc Eleven), how much I love Peter Capaldi already and how Rose and Clara are my two favourite companions. It was SO COOL!

When we finally arrived at the State Theatre, we were blown away by our seats - such a great view. 

The screening made me laugh and cry and feel wonderful. It is amazing, and everyone will absolutely love it, and Peter, I think. 

When Peter came out surrounded by a cloud of smoke, the entire audience erupted in applause and stood up. The lady next to me whispered ‘we’ve just made history!!’ I was so emotional.

Then the lovely Jenna came out to join Peter, and they gave a great Q&A filled with laughs and some curious insights. They were both glowing despite being ridiculously jetlagged.

To top off the best night ever, Jenna said she had been visiting her aunties who live in Sydney, and she waved at them in the crowd…and it turned out they were sitting RIGHT behind us!!! At the end of the show I told them they had the coolest niece ever! They replied by saying “I think you mean she has the coolest Aunties ever!!!” Oh hilarious Auntie Colemans.  

 So, so many emotions. 


Aggressively singing Flo

I feel like this right now

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bloody luv yer!

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The White Queen (TV Series)

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