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Sweet potato pie I have 4 assignments to complete in under a month before I finish my Masters and fly to London to try and get an internship and today, instead of working on all of these things, I was talked into spending 5 hours trying to help my neighbour learn how to use her computer. Additionally she made me sit through an hour-long program about UFOs. 


I, um. I don’t even know what to say. 

It’s so .. perfect. And it’s so rare! Oh my god. I know it’s a little worse for wear, but I know this book & he must’ve spent … That aside, I can’t even believe he FOUND this. I’d mentioned months and months ago, offhandedly at a bookshop when we were trying to figure out what book to do next before Crime & Punishment ever started (before I met any of you, even!), that I used to read this old book my local library at home must’ve thrown out at some point about a journey through a land of books. Kinda like what the experiment would be. 

I. Wow.


so beautiful

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Everything is so wonderful.


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Ahaha I love this! Get to know me! :D 

Oh hi, Carrie! :D

  • me: im so tired, i could collapse into bed and sleep for a year..
  • me: gets in bed
  • me: how was earth created
  • me: who made microwaves
  • me: how does the internet even work
  • me: i'm hungry
  • me: feels bad about something i did 4 years ago
  • me: remembers 73 unfinished tasks
  • me: too tired to sleep


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The Caretaker just left me feeling absolutely emotionally bereft for some reason. :(

Emma Stone at the Magic in the Moonlight premiere in New York City (July 17, 2014)

her dress is so gah amazing

In love with my little acorn/Peter Pan necklace from Ben! #peterpan @crispcruncher


Day 100. The perfect end to my birthday and to my 100 days via a transporting and magical visit to a medieval fair with my best friend. Time travel, history and knights! What a Birthday present. I’ve loved doing this challenge as it’s made me see happiness on days when I thought there wasn’t much around :) #100happydays #medieval

Ridiculously happy to wake up to this in the post! #carriesbookclub #carriehopefletcher


What!?!  A video on Sunday?!

Kyle has a campaign announcement!

Indiegogo really thinks our project is special and worthwhile, so they have offered to extend our crowdfunding deadline by a week so that we can raise the funds to make an amazing season two!!!! woohoo!

here’s the link:

go go go!

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